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Hampton Bay Company Website Logo

Hampton Bay Company Website Logo

Hampton Bay Lighting and Fans is a wholly owned subsidiary (company) of The Home Depot. Hampton Bay Company Website manufactures and sells light fixtures and ceiling fans, available online and at Home Depot stores across the USA and Canada. Home Depot has set up a official customer care service line for Hampton Bay Lighting and Ceiling Fans that you can use to reach the company by calling 855-HD-Hampton.

What is Hampton Bay Company Website Address

There is no dedicated online store or official website for the company. The Hampton Bay lighting company can be reached by calling 855-HD-Hampton. The Hampton Bay’s customer service is available Monday through Friday 8 am to 7 pm as of January, 2015. You can also contact the company by email through the Home Depot website.

Hampton bay is an retail company that deals in ceiling lights, fans and furniture. Hampton bay is one of the most popular brand of ceiling fans in the market. 270 different ceiling fans to match any taste, style, or need, the Hampton Bay company is the largest online retail company. The company manufactures products such as Hampton Bay ceiling fans, Hampton Bay Lights, Hampton Bay patio furniture, Hampton Bay Cabinets.

See more of its products on http://www.homedepot.com/c/SPC_BRD_HamptonBay

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18 Responses

  1. david l. wilson says:

    where is the replacement parts that you told me last month were coming? the model #yiafo52/11 foot led offset umbrella in red/ the led lights do not work /

  2. Lori Bender says:

    I have a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan and the remote control has stopped working. Can you tell me how I can purchase a new remote? And Where? # IC ID: 2968A-7096T
    FCC ID CHQ8BT7096T

  3. Neal A Jeppson says:

    Where can I get replacement parts for 11ft offset patio umbrella (YDAF-052). I need a replacement pole that goes into stand that is wind damaged, and the swivel connector for the top of the umbrella which is broken.

  4. I bought a clear square ceiling mount oil bronze in 11-99. Vendor #18789. Model # HBT 23104-04
    C. 06003611 V121
    A gold sticker says. UL 1199.
    The square clear globe broke, I need a replacement globe.

  5. Bonni Lamey says:

    I bought a fire pit table and chair set at Home Depot. One of the chairs can not be assembled because it has 2 right sides. I need replacement parts so we can use that chair.

  6. Joel D Itskowitz says:

    I need an 11″ square LED Flush Mount replacement lens for product # 1001 254 803. Can you ship me the replacement lens?

  7. Ira Sterlikng says:

    We have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan in our bedroom; it is a model 587-186, we purchased it in March of 2001, and the low speed function has quit working. You no longer make this model, nor the parts to repair it. We have been unable to find another close mount fan that we really want. What model fan did you make that would replace our fan??

  8. Janice Blantz says:

    Purchased a patio set – Bellevue 7 pc. Steel severely rusting starting within the first year. Manufacturer replaced table frame only. The entire set is rusting. Home Depot and their representative is totally ignoring me. I am ready to go to Channel 8 on your side, Better Business Bureau, Dept of Consumer Protection and whoever else might help resolve this issue. Lastly the mfg. offered me touch up paint (size of a nail polish bottle. I have pictures and all emails with their rejection.

  9. sam says:

    Hi there
    I bought a Hampton Bay outdoor fire table last year at Home Depot.
    item #847-938
    Model # 68613
    We had I ice storm that tour the cover on the fire table can we buy a replacement for it.
    Thanks Sam

  10. Al says:

    I’d like to purchase .. a Hampton bay ( berverly ll) extension pull chain with bronze handle

  11. Juan says:

    My exhaust fan motor burned out need a new motor I can not find a replacement. Please advise brand name Hampton bay thank you very much. Juan Medina

  12. mark tucker says:

    I just bought 2 of your heaters(model # EST-540t-40R) one works fine, and the other one dosent turn off/regulate the temp. if I hadent bought 2 of them I may not of know it wasent working corectly..they look great in the 2 rooms, and put out good heat, but I think this one may be a tad bit dangerous. and use a tad bit more electricity that it should, after all i bought them to keep from heating the entire home…and they look great too.

  13. oscar dominguez says:

    i have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan model # mea5 2v-ni, the light kit will not turn on the lights, have changed the pull chain kit, they still done work, checked the wiring all is well, my question is why do the lights still done work

  14. Arnette says:

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  15. Terry Packer says:

    The light I purchased at least on 3 occasions has failed for two reasons ! #1 the three way switch is so cheap it strip’s out in months ! And #2 the ” Pole ” into the base strip’s out to make it ” LOOSE & LEANS ” it stands like it’s going to FALL DOWN SOON !!! What a piece of CRAP you produced for sale to the public! It’s an imberisment to lighting , it’s made so cheap it falls apart ! I’ve owned at least 3 of these pieces of SHIT ,and their all the same quality ” meaning No Quality ” !!! I will never buy one of your products ever again ! 928-607-7653

  16. Dinubhai G Patel says:

    I have fan.has
    model 165474 not works.I bought from home depo some how I lost purchase receipt.advice me how do I use life time factoru warranty.

  17. Phillip Fertitta says:

    They sell the statesville 7 piece padded sling patio dinning set model # -FCS70357-ST . The problem is I would like all the chair to be the swivel . But I would have to buy them, They or you don’t sell that as a set. Can there be a way , that could be a set some how?

  18. Sherrie Reynolds says:

    i recently bought a chandelier at Home Depot and to be honest it took hours to put it all together. I’ve never had such difficulty with installation
    Of any light fixture/fan in my life. I had a licensed contractor and electrician. Install it. It was a PAIN.

    What’s worse is after install it took forever to hook each individual piece on and we are Missing pieces.

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